Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Triple buns~ when one or two is simply not enough

Hi everyone,

Today I fixed my hair in three buns, in a triangular pattern.  I got several compliments on this hairstyle throughout the day~ and how fun to do more sightseeing with my friend!  This is my first visit to Pensacola, Florida, a lovely part of America.


Panoramic view of Gulf Seashore

Fishing in the calm water

Gorgeous white sand, like snow

Apparently the bumblebees and butterflies love to hang out around this plant!

Goodbye for now

Monday, October 24, 2016

Triple Dutch braids in the sun

Hi friends,

     I washed my hair yesterday morning, then while it was still damp I braided it in three Dutch braids and a braided side bun.  I love my new shampoo and conditioner!  Hopefully soon I will make a video post talking about the new product line I've discovered.  Several people have asked me about it.

     Thank you for coming by my blog!  I wish you all a lovely new week.



Saturday, October 22, 2016

5-strand Mohawk braid

Hi everyone,

     I hope you have a lovely day!  Thank you for coming to see my new blog post.  This morning I braided my hair in a center 5-strand Mohawk braid, then added a small waterfall braid on either side.  I put the length of my hair in a low ponytail, and made a pull-through braid about halfway down.  I tied off my pull-through braid and the halfway point, then continued braiding the rest of my length in a simple 3-strand braid which I brought up and wrapped around the base of my ponytail.  This explanation might sound complicated, but I think you will see from the pictures that it was actually fairly simple to do.