Thursday, July 28, 2016

Princess-style 4-strand lace braids

Hi everybody,

     What a beautiful day, perfect for a princess-style updo.  I made 4-strand lace braids on either side of my head, then put the length of my hair into a big bun.  A friend asked how many clips it takes to hold my hair in place in a bun like this one.  Usually I make my buns with 2 medium size clips in the center, and 3 to 5 small clips.  If I have a stray section of hair, I might add an extra clip or a bobby pin to put it in place.



Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Triple Dutch Braids

Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting my page, as always I enjoy sharing hair pictures with my friends here and on Facebook.  Today I fixed my hair in three Dutch braids, a fun hairstyle for any day of the week.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Flower Bouquet Bun

Hi friends,

     Today I tried to imitate a hairstyle I've seen on the internet.  I made four braids, then wrapped them up into coiled loops to resemble flowers.  I pinned my hair in place as I went, and can honestly say I would never have made it through a metal detector!  I added small colorful flower clips to highlight what was supposed to be the center of my braid flowers.  I love this flower bouquet bun~ thank you for stopping by to see pictures!  Be sure to follow my Facebook page, maybe soon I will reach 5000 page-likes thanks to friends like you.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Waterfall Headband

Hi friends,

Today I fixed my hair in a waterfall headband braid with a low bun.  I love the stripe effect that the waterfall braid creates.  Thank you for coming to see my new post!  A kind friend who speaks French helped translate my letter, a special "bonjour" to everyone from France and other French-speaking countries who follows my blog <3

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Golden Bows Curly Bun

Hi everyone,

     I hope you are having a great weekend.  The sun was shining beautifully this morning when I took hair pictures outside.  I love my golden bow bobby pins, they are the perfect finished touch to this curly bun updo.  My hair is held in place mostly with bobby pins and hairpins, like I demonstrate in my video.  Thank you for visiting my blog!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Braided Double Buns

Happy weekend!

     I hope you have a beautiful, safe weekend.  I have a new hair bow that would just match my dress, so I fixed my hair in two braids.  Then I wrapped each braid up into a bun and pinned them in place with bobby pins and tiny hair clips.  I put my navy blue bow in the middle of my two buns, and my hairstyle was finished and ready for pictures.  How lovely to have such a nice flower background right in my own front yard.

     I wrote a special letter to share with friends around the world who follow my blog.  How wonderful to have friends translate my letter into Dutch, Japanese and Italian.  Thank you for reading, and thank you for following my posts.  I love staying connected and sharing pictures and videos with you all :-)