Friday, November 27, 2015

Spiral Rope Braid Updo~ my Thanksgiving Day hair

Hi friends, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Yesterday I fixed my hair in a spiral rope lace braid, held in place with tiny hairclips.  I'm always relieved to be able to do this braid once again, it can be tricky to braid in a circle around your own head!  I admit to cheating a little with my clips, they help me create the circle when I can't turn my head or my arms any farther :-)



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Accented Mohawk Hairstyle, plus pictures with Rapunzel and Eugene

Hi everybody,

     I saw on Facebook that this is the 5th anniversary of Tangled!  So I thought I would share pictures of a very special time that happened a few weeks ago~ I got to meet Rapunzel and Eugene :-)

     But first, pictures of my hairstyle today.  I fixed my hair in a favorite Mohawk updo and added small side braids as accents.  I love using small clips in my updos and braids rather than bobby pins.  They hold my hair much better, are not painful at all, and like a friend mentioned, they help get just the right amount of volume in the front, so my hair doesn't look all scraped back (my addition to the original comment).

     Thank you so much for following my posts!  I hope that you have a beautiful and joy-filled Thanksgiving Day <3


Flynn and Rapunzel noticed my hair and asked me about it.

Eugene wondered if Rapunzel's friends from the village could help braid her hair like this

Fancy blossom braid updo

Hello all,

     Thank you so much for coming to see my new hair pictures!  Today I experimented with a new hairstyle, and love how it turned out.  First I made the three small English braids on one side as accents.  Then with the rest of my hair I made a Dutch braid, which I turned into a blossom braid by tugging on the sides to make the sections of my braid "blossom" into a bigger, fuller braid.  I've found the secret to making a blossom braid is to put your hair into a low ponytail when you finish making your Dutch braid.  Maybe this can be an idea for a future hairstyle video :-)
     I hope you have a wonderful week!  This Thanksgiving week, I am thankful for you.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fold-over French brainds

Hello everyone,

Today I made two slightly diagonal French braids, first one braid then the next.  They look like they have been folded over each other.  This is a fun way to avoid an obvious center part!  Wimsey wanted to get in on the picture taking, as you can see :-)