Monday, February 20, 2017

French Chic

Hello friends,

     I wish you all a very lovely weekend!  Today I fixed my hair in a center Dutch braid with a French braid on either side.  It's a combination that looks like I put a lot of effort into my hairstyle, when actually it was very easy to create.  How fun to use a new flower clip that matched the flowers on my dress <3



Saturday, February 18, 2017

High bun on the balcony at Waikiki Beach


     This week I spent a few days in Hawaii, always a beautiful place to visit.  I lived in Hawaii for several years as a young girl, and have many fond memories of growing up there.  In these pictures I'm wearing my hair in a high bun.  I loved how this particular bun turned out.  It's always funny to me how each bun and braid turns out slightly different from all others.




Hello from Waikiki Beach, with Diamond Head in the background

Hawaiian sunset

My kind of clothes models, they each had their hair fixed in two Dutch braids!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Two is twice as nice as one

Hi friends,

     I hope you had a lovely weekend!  This hairstyle is so quick and easy, and I always love double buns :-)  I added the poofy section first to keep my hair from looking scraped back, then divided my length into two sections and made a bun with each section.  Hair clips kept everything in place all day long.

     Thank you for visiting my blog!  I hope to see you again soon.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Super long 4-strand braid, my hairstyle today

Hi friends,

     This morning I braided my hair in a 4-strand French braid and left the tail long.  In fact it was too long to fit into the picture frame, so I held up the end and later wrapped it around like a shawl.  Braids are so versatile!

     This look and others are on my Instagram account, if you like you can follow me there as well.  My favorite place to post hair pictures is of course right here on my blog.  Come back often to see what new braids and hairstyles I have to share!  Thank you so much for following <3


What a nice place to relax!

My view :-)

A beautiful Micronesian sunset