Monday, January 28, 2013

About my hairclips...


Several friends from the LHC and also here on my blog have asked me where I get my hairclips, especially the butterflies. I get them at a store here on my island. Unfortunately, it's been a while since the store ordered new ones, but I'm hoping they will get some more one day!

Sometimes a friend sends me hairclips~ like the ones I'm wearing in my hearts-and-flowers hairstyle.  Another friend from the LHC sent me these beautiful pearl-and-diamond star clips from Germany:


My sister uses hair sticks, but I have personally never been comfortable with those. I'll have to get her to put her hair up with hair sticks so I can post pictures :-)


  1. So, for that bun, is the only thing holding it in place the clip? Or are you also using bobby pins?

    1. I used a few bobby pins, like 2 or 3, but mostly my bun is held in place with the clip. Thanks!