Saturday, July 12, 2014

My hair clip collection

Hi friends,

Thanks so much to Les Cheveux de Mini for your kind comments on my previous post~ I took this picture in your honor!  I keep my clips and hair bands in perfume boxes, usually stacked neatly on my shelf with my make-up but now on my bedspread for you to see.  Also included in the pic are my favorite Grah-Toe hair fork,  my combs, and (yes, I admit I use it for my bangs!) my hair dryer.  The round biscuit tin was a gift from a friend in Germany; I keep my bobby pins, barrettes, and ponytail holders in it.
     A lot of friends have asked where I get my clips from.  Most of the jeweled clips are from a local store here on my island; I think they came straight from China.  The rest of my clips and hair bands came from different Ross stores or Macy's.  A few of the fancier clips and forks are from an on-line store called Sophia's Style.  They have a lot of nice hair things for reasonable prices.  Of course, Claire's is always full of fun stuff!  My silk flower hair bands are from their on-line store.
     As always, thank you for following my blog!


  1. Wooow that's a lot of stuff ! Thanks for answering my questions in a post... I'm on Sophia's Style right now ! ^-^ I think I'm going to check the summer collection at Claire's too :p

    1. You're very welcome, thank you for asking :-) I hope you find lots of fun, pretty hair things!

  2. How fun to see your hair clip collection! I had no idea Claire's had an online store, I'll have to pop over and have a look later. :)

  3. Colorful Hair Clips .. Looking pretty :)

  4. Aweosme collection :D