Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dutch braid outdoors

To compliment my earlier post, French braid indoors, today I have pictures to post of my Dutch braid outdoors :-)  What a sunny (and hot!) afternoon it was.  You may notice a slightly fuzzy look to my braid~ I had already been wearing my hair like this since this morning.
     Dutch braids are fun!  I didn't want mine to be full-length, so I wrapped it up in a new style.  Thank you for coming to see my pictures!



  1. Quite perfect! Andrea, since your hair is so long and full, does the weight ever bother you?

    1. Thank you! Only if I have a headache, which isn't too often. If it does bother me, usually putting it up with two clips will help. I could let it down completely, and do that sometimes, but that can be hot! :-)