Monday, August 28, 2017

"Three flowers in a vase" hairstyle

Hi everyone,

     I hope you are having a wonderful day.  This morning I attempted to copy a technique I saw on a YouTube video, but my version turned out quite different from the original.  I ended up with what I like to call "3 flowers in a vase."  Can you see them?

     To make this look, I sectioned off the top poofy section, then I sectioned the rest of my hair into three parts, one in the center with a section on either side behind my ears.  I put the center section into a low ponytail.  Then I French braided the loose hair on one side with half of the hair from my ponytail, like you would do in a circle French braid.  I pulled the ends of these two "circle" braids up through the "top" of my "vase, and turned them into three flowers.  The instructions sound quite confusing, but I think you can see from the pictures what I am trying so badly to explain.

     Thank you for visiting my blog!  I'm getting close to 1 Million page views, thanks to all my friends like you around the world who click on my blog and take time to look at the different braids and hairstyles I share here.  I hope to see you again soon <3

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  1. Oooh yes i see them ,looks very elegant my beautiful friend xxx