Sunday, March 17, 2013

Side Dutch Braid w/ Blue Jewel Hairclips

Hey everybody!

I've been off-island for a week and away from my computer, but I'm back again :-)  My time on a little island close to the equator was amazing~ here is a beautiful sunset picture I took one evening:

Another picture of the small picnic islands lining the way to where we stayed:

Anyway, back to hair~

I love these turquoise blue hairclips and used them to dress up a simple side Dutch braid hairstyle:


Thank you so much for looking!  It's good to be back on-line again :-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. what a wonderful view! And the hairstyle too. I want to ask you something- I see you are very good braider and you hairstyles always so neat. How do you separate a new strand that added to the french\duch braid from the rest of the hair? Your hair is longer than your arms...

    1. Hi Anabell! Thanks so much for your comments~ I always try to start out with combed-out hair. Then each time I add a section of hair to my braid, I run my fingers down the length of my hair to keep it tangle-free. Of course, sometimes it gets away from me and I have to stop and hold my braid in place with one hand while I comb out the bottom of my hair with my other hand. You're right about my hair being longer than my arms lol~ this make me look like a contortionist of sorts, I imagine, when I'm fixing my hair.