Monday, September 23, 2013

Banana-clip style braids - for long hair

Hi everybody,

Another week has begun!  My accent braids looked just as good the second day, so today I wore my hair in a cinnamon bun highlighted with accent braids.  I wonder how much of a hurry I'll be in tomorrow...they might be made to last three days!

About this hairstyle~ I gave up trying to use banana clips a long time ago - my hair was just too long for them.  But this hairstyle from a few days ago reminded me of the 90's banana-clip fashion.  Maybe they will come back in style one day...??  To create this look, first I made three English braids, one above the other.  Then I bundled them all together and held them in place with a big jaw clip.  The clip is anchored to the middle braid which kept my hair from tumbling down.  An easy yet slightly sophisticated hairstyle :-)

Thanks for looking at my pictures!

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