Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ginger Rogers' style half-updo, for really long hair

Hi friends,

Several nights ago I was playing around with my hair and put it up in this half-updo style.  My sister said it reminded her of Ginger Rogers' hairstyle in the movie "Tails of Manhattan."  So I tried this hairstyle again a few days ago and took pictures this time :-)
     First I gathered half of my hair as if I were going to do some-up-some-down (or a half-updo).  I held my hair in place with one hand, then reached over and gathered all my hair up until it was the length I wanted.  With the left-over length of my hair, I made a bun and clipped it in place.  The clips are also holding the original hair from my "half-updo."
     I apologize if my explanation is confusing!  It was actually fast to fix my hair this way, and just as quick to redo do it during the day if it got messy.  I posted a few pictures of Ginger Rogers herself at the end, so you can see what I was aiming for~


(The original version)


  1. Amazing how you did that beautyfull angel

  2. That looks absolutely beautiful on you! Very, very pretty and ladylike.

  3. This is such a pretty style to get the length out of the way!!!