Monday, August 3, 2015

My new hairstyle video just finished uploading to Youtube! (easy ponytail for super long hair)

Hi everybody!

This afternoon I made a new hairstyle video outside~ the sun had already sunk rather low by the time I finally finished, so please excuse the lighting :-)  This hairstyle is so fast and easy, I think it is my shortest video yet!

Click here to watch my video on Youtube


  1. woooow ankle length hair in such a ponytail :) looks marvelous <3

  2. Thanks for the video!
    Where did you buy your comb? Is it a particular brand? I'm searching for a long time now for a good wide tooth comb with smooth teeth that are long enough and a handle to hold on to. My best wide tooth combs are without handle and they often slip out of my hands and fly through the bathroom. That really gets on my nerves sometimes. (Not to mention the other person who happens to be standing next to me)

    1. Haha, yes I understand all about the search for a perfect comb! Actually I got mine at a local island store years and years ago! I looked in the cabinet and saw it wedged in between the plexiglass and whatever it was they had stored under the counter. A few times I have tried a new comb, but I always end up hating the new one and going back to my old one! It's now very worn down and smooth, if I ever lose it I don't know what I'll do ;-)

    2. What a great story! Finding a good comb is like treasure hunting. How wonderful when you find the perfect one for your hair!
      Well, my search will go on and I hope I'll find mine soon ;-)