Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn Braid

Hello everybody,

In spite of the rainy morning, I was able to take some pictures underneath a beautiful autumn tree.  Now to decide which picture to enter in Haartraum and Haselnussblond's "Autumn Rapunzel" contest on Instagram :-) In case you are wondering, this is a four-strand French braid.


  1. You're very modest, so I'll say it:

    If you don't win, the grading isn't fair. ♥

  2. super beautyfull my favorite Rapunzel that's what you are :)

  3. Lovely pictures and beautiful braid! For the contest I think the sixth photo is most beautiful, because it has some movement and shows your braid very well. But I like the other photos also...Difficult. Well, whatever you choose, you're my favorite rapunzel anyway ;-)