Friday, October 16, 2015

Big bun after braid waves~ pictures along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Hi friends,

     Today I got to take some hair pictures while driving through the Smokey Mountains~ how fun to see the leaves changing color almost right in front of my eyes.  I had extreme braid-waves this morning after my hairstyle yesterday (pictures yet to be posted!) so I tried to use them in my look for today.  Instead of brushing my hair out after taking down my braids this morning, I carefully braided my hair into two lace rope braids and made a big low bun.  The braid waves added a nice texture to this hairstyle.
     Thank you so much for following!  Wishing you all a very lovely day <3



  1. amazing bun dear friend and its so nice the sun shining there
    here in Belgium its raining ..glad i have your blog to make it a bit sunny and warm :)
    take care <3

    1. Oh how very sweet, thank you! And I love a big bun, too :-) <3

    2. yes its such a big bun ,super beautyfull and its a pleasure dear friend <3