Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Accented Mohawk Hairstyle, plus pictures with Rapunzel and Eugene

Hi everybody,

     I saw on Facebook that this is the 5th anniversary of Tangled!  So I thought I would share pictures of a very special time that happened a few weeks ago~ I got to meet Rapunzel and Eugene :-)

     But first, pictures of my hairstyle today.  I fixed my hair in a favorite Mohawk updo and added small side braids as accents.  I love using small clips in my updos and braids rather than bobby pins.  They hold my hair much better, are not painful at all, and like a friend mentioned, they help get just the right amount of volume in the front, so my hair doesn't look all scraped back (my addition to the original comment).

     Thank you so much for following my posts!  I hope that you have a beautiful and joy-filled Thanksgiving Day <3


Flynn and Rapunzel noticed my hair and asked me about it.

Eugene wondered if Rapunzel's friends from the village could help braid her hair like this


  1. Very pretty hairstyle! Today I was at a store and saw a value pack of clips and HAD to get them! Actually, I got two packs so that I would have more than one in some colors. While, my updos are still quite small in comparison, I'm looking forward to more experimenting. I'm currently just a tiny bit longer than APL. So far, I like the clips a lot. I can never seems to take out Bobby pins without pulling out a few hairs and have to count then so as not to miss one, only to find it while combing (ouch!).

    I also decided to try out some Herbal Essences conditioner since my current one isn't doing much for me. It smells so yummy I hope it works out well. As I'm sure you know, with hair you never know. Thank you for such a fun and positive blog!

    1. Thank you for such a kind message! Congratulations on finding small hairclips, and also on using HE conditioner. I love all their conditioners, especially the red bottles for long hair and the kind with Moroccan oil.