Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rapunzel~ Happy Halloween 2015

Hello everyone,

This year I dressed up as Rapunzel, and braided my hair in a pull-through braid.  I absolutely love my dress!  It was so fun taking these pictures, and then meeting some of my favorite Disney characters.  Thank you for coming to see my pictures!  I love having a place to share fun photos with my friends.
     If you missed my last post, it was the video clip of getting to meet Rapunzel from Tangled~ how fun to actually be wearing matching dresses and have our hair fixed in the same style.



(Love the little Elsa in the background :-)

So scary!

Minnie was very surprised at how long my hair is :-)

My sister went as Cinderella!


  1. You look so beautiful here Andrea!

  2. So wonderfull :-) looks like you had a good time :-)

  3. Great pictures, Andrea. And your sister also looks very beautiful! Thanks for sharing <3

  4. Thank you all so much <3 I love that I can share my pictures and memories here with you, thank you for such kind comments <3 <3

  5. woooow you are the perfect Rapunzel <3