Wednesday, December 9, 2015

French Rope Updo~ my look for today

Hi everyone,

     The sky was rather overcast this morning, but still a great day for taking hair pictures :-)  I washed my hair last night but first I used my new monoi oil from Tahiti instead of my coconut oil.  I'm so thankful to my sweet friend in Holland for suggesting I try monoi oil!  It is amazing and smells absolutely wonderful.  I also used an apple cider vinegar rinse~ a great way to clean your hair and make it extra-soft every few months or so.
     By the way, a friend asked where I get my small hair clips.  Usually I find them at Ross stores when I'm traveling in the US, and in Europe I found them in other stores as well.  I love using small clips as apposed to bobby pins, they seem to hold my hair much better and don't tug or hurt as the day goes on.
     Thank you for visiting my blog!  And remember to check out my new Facebook page when you get a chance.  Have a beautiful day and I hope to see you again soon <3