Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rey's Triple Bun-Knot Hairstyle

Hello everybody,

My mother actually was the one who told me I should fix my hair in this hairstyle from the new Star Wars movie.  I had to Google pictures since I haven't had a chance yet to watch the movie myself (very much looking forward to seeing it, though) and I must say, I love this hairstyle.  I think I know what my next Youtube video will be about :-)





  1. It's Wonderful, Andrea!!!! I love it~
    One of your best ever!!!

  2. Beautiful! Was wondering if you could do a video on how you style your bangs!

  3. Thank you both :) <3
    About the bangs, that is a good idea. Thank you :)

  4. Very beautyfull your mother have good idea's :)