Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fresh start on a new day~ a big bun made with still-damp hair

Hi friends,

Green is such an alive color :-)  Everything seems fresh and new when the background is green and your hair is still damp from washing it that morning.  To make this hairstyle I started by twisting small sections of my hair and clipping them in place with my favorite little hair clips.  I kept twisting and clipping until I was satisfied with my wet-hair high bun.



  1. I love seeing your big buns, shows how much hair you have an how long it is, love to see you let your hair down for another hair length series

    1. Thank you :) Maybe for my birthday in June, I like to take length pictures around my birthday and again at Christmas. Thank you for your kind comments always.

  2. What a amazing bun , and a loveley way to start your day