Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beautiful Morning Updo

Hi everyone,

     A beautiful purple flower bloomed in my yard today, and inspired me to fix my hair in this style with flower clips as bright, colorful accents.  To create this look, I made two accent braids on one side of my head, then brought them across and added them into two small buns on the opposite side.  I place an orange flower clip between these two buns.  I put the rest of my loose hair into a low ponytail, then braided my ponytail and wrapped it up into a bun.  I added a rainbow flower clip to the side of this braided bun, and my updo was complete.

     Thank you for following my hair posts!  I love sharing with you all <3


This beautiful flower was the inspiration for my hairstyle today


  1. Wishing you a wonderfull Sunday and thank you for sharing such beautifull pictures xxx

    1. Thank you, and all my best wishes to you for a wonderful weekend in Belgium. Hugs :)

    2. Its a pleassure dear friend 😊 hugs back

  2. You hair in this picture is breathtakingly beautiful!