Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ruffle Updo

Hi everyone,

     I hope you are having a lovely day. Yesterday my bun reminded me of ruffles on a fancy evening gown. I braided my hair in a headband lace braid and a side braided bun. The braid in my bun was loose, which created the look of ruffled layers. A lady who saw my hair asked what the special occasion was. She was very surprised to hear that I have a hairstyle blog and fix my hair like this every day :-)
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  2. How do you like being back in America Andrea? Funny how people think you do your hair for a special occasion, they'd be surprised to know you do your hair in gorgeous styles everyday!

    1. Haha yes you are right! I have been asked several times if I am on my way to a wedding :-)

  3. So beautifull and elegant ❤❤❤