Friday, September 9, 2016

French braid in the sunshine

Hi friends,

What a beautiful sunny morning, perfect for taking hair pictures. Today my hairstyle was a simple off-centered French braid. I looped the length of my braid up and wore it over one shoulder.


  1. Happy Saturday from Belgium and thank you for sharing those beautifull pictures dear Andrea <3

  2. Hi Andrea
    Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures. I had a question for you. When you were growing you hair out in the beginning, did you trim it at all or just let it grow and just trim the ends? I'm growing mine out and have some layers and I'm not sure if I should trim it at all. People keep saying the split ends will keep my hair from growing long. So far that hasn't been the case,but I can't really trim all the layers or then it will never get long. Any advise? I've just been micro trimming the ends. I haven't cut it in a year. Now it's almost at my lower back! So exciting! I am using lots of oils also. Thanks for being so inspirational.

    1. Hi Samantha, wow Congratulations on your hair growth! Sometimes if I see a random split end I cut it off. Other than that, I trim the ends when they begin to look uneven. I think using oils on your ends is a terrific idea! I do that too. Thank you so much for commenting and for following my blog. I love sharing with you and everyone here :-) <3