Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Christmas Bun

Hi friends,

     Yesterday I fixed my hair in a big cinnamon bun, and decorated it with my new Christmas-colors headbands. I used two holly clips to hold the headband in place, since I wore it around my bun rather than around my head.

     I'm visiting friends in a beautiful, quaint Florida town, and many people I met told me how much they loved my hair <3  How fun to walk through the town center at night and see the lights, listen to Christmas music, and even enjoy a golf cart parade :-)


Winter Garden, Florida

My friends took me to see the live theater production of Charlie Brown's Christmas~ so cute!

Look who I bumped into!
Admiring the Christmas tree in the hotel lobby


  1. I told you before i love buns ...but every time i see your hair in a bun , its always different and super beautifull
    Thank you for sharing this my dear friend ��

  2. So beautiful and big! So during the holidays I've gotten a little lonely, but I just think of you're smiling face and I smile too, you're so beautiful and romantic