Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Twist

Hi friends,

Thank you for all the views and comments on my new length pictures for December 2016.  I love sharing hair pictures with my friends around the world! This morning I washed my hair, and while it was still wet I twisted it up into a low bun. I'm always amazed at how each hairstyle looks different, even when you try to do the exact same thing you've done before.

I hope you are having a Christmas season full of love, joy, and peace. Thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. Lovely hairstyle as always, Andrea! Love, Peace and Merry Christmas into the New Year!!

  2. You would think you'd get board with the same hairstyles over and over, but you have a talent for making a different one each day or think of a new way of doing one you've done before

  3. Merry Christmas my beautifull Rapunzel friend , thank you for all your amazing pictures this year
    I hope much new stylles follow in 2017 ...God Bless You ❤