Friday, April 26, 2013

Later that Long Bob became a High Bun

Here are more pictures taken a few hours after my "lob" shown in this earlier post.  We are on vacation and got to spend a few days riding roller coasters~ my long bob didn't last long, so I had to switch to this high braided bun.  I just left my hair in the high ponytail but braided it into two long English braids.  Then I wrapped them into this high braided bun (if the pictures look a little grainy, it's because they were taken with my cell phone camera :-)  Actually, this turned out to be a great roller-coaster hairdo!  I have more to post later of my sister's look~ so be sure to check back or subscribe via email.  Thanks!


  1. I envy you :) You know, with hair at hip, I can't really secure it well. I have no idea how many girla on LHC and UTT just make a nautilus bun with a stick and it stays on their heads for a whole day. At the beginning I couldn't make my buns to stay for 15 seconds even. Now it's better, but I've gotten to a point where I can make many updos etc, but they do not become more and more secure eben if I practice a lot.
    So I really admire you and your skills of makins so solid updos at knee-length. I still think that it may just be the matter of practice and that I will achieve this pro level one day as well :)
    Have an amazing day! :)

  2. Last time I rode a rollercoaster, my hair was only at TBL, so I could get away with just braiding it. I'm at fingertip length now, so I don't think that will work, anymore. I'll have to practice doing this style.