Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wavy Bun with Side French Braids

Hey everybody,

I love mohawk-style hairdo's, and wanted to try something similar to this look.  First I made the two side French braids.  Then I combed the center part of my hair smooth and made it poof a little bit.  I held the "poof" in place with bobby pins (if you cross two bobby pins one over the other, they won't move all day long).  I put all my hair into a low ponytail, and braided my ponytail into two loose rope braids.  Then I wrapped the rope braids, one around the other, and made a big bun.  I pulled the top of the bun up a little bit to cover the bobby pins, and put my hairclip in the middle rather than on the top of the bun.

Now for hair pictures :-)

Yes, that's a gazebo in the background~ such a pretty spot to take pictures.

And a few more hair pictures, in the sun this time~