Saturday, May 30, 2015

Curly red meets strawberry blonde~ pictures with Merida

Hello friends,

After meeting Rapunzel, I got to meet Merida from Brave!  She was so sweet and had the prettiest curly red hair.  I'm very excited to say that in a few months I'll be going somewhere to meet hundreds, even thousands, of other redheads~ the Redhead Days in Breda, the Netherlands.  More on that later, but for now here are some pictures of my visit with Merida!

(The cast member wanted me to hold my hair like Rapunzel does)


  1. Ooooooh you come to Breda??? That's so close to me ..pleasse tell me if you there ,maybe i can meet you then
    xxxx Erwin

    1. Yes, hopefully that is my plan :-) I have always wanted to go to the Redhead Days, since I first heard about the event years ago.