Thursday, May 7, 2015

VIDEO: Meeting Pocahontas at Disney World (and showing her my super long hair)

Hi everybody,

Today I got to meet Pocahontas at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and was shocked to discover that she remembered me from last year!  She had noticed my bun that first time, and commented that I must have really long hair.  I told her about my blog and even left a card with my blog address on it.  Today she was so excited to see me again, and I let my hair down so she could see it in person.  She was telling everyone around about my long hair and the different hairstyles I do, and promising not to tell Rapunzel so she wouldn't be jealous :-)  What a special day, definitely the highlight of my trip to Disney this time!  Much thanks to my sister for taking a video and pictures!

Click here to watch our video on Youtube

I couldn't believe that she remembered meeting me last year

Happy to see each other again

She wanted to see my hair that she keeps hearing about

Taking my hair down

Her hair can be ankle-length, too!


  1. Your hair is amazing and such a blessing as always, Andrea!

  2. Did Pocahontas had real hair or was it a wig?

  3. I found your video on youtube. You and Pochontas were adorable! I wish you didn't disable comments, but I can understand why you did. Your hair is beautiful. I couldn't handle mine quite that long. Mine is only classic length.