Saturday, September 19, 2015

Braided bun with wet hair~ my look for today

Hi everybody,

I'm back home again after a wonderful and amazing trip!  I got to see many places and sights that I never dreamed I would get to see with my own eyes.  I'll have to share random pictures with you over the next few weeks and months :-)  My hair was understandably in need of a wash after such a long journey home, so this morning I put coconut oil on it then washed it (with my C-W-C method).  It felt so good to have clean hair again!  I braided my hair in a simple English braid while it was still wet, then put it up in a low bun using hair clips that I got on my trip.  These particular ones came from a little shop in St. Andrews, Scotland.


  1. Beautiful Andrea! I wanted to tell you that I'm also a Christian, I love the missionary work that you do in Chuck. You're very beautiful also!

    1. Thank you, that's very kind :-) And I'm glad to hear that you are a Christian. God bless!

  2. Beautiful updo and lovely blessing message at the end of your post! May God bless you too <3

  3. very beautyfull Andrea ; happy to see you here again :)