Monday, September 21, 2015

Fountain Bun

Hi everyone,

I tried something a little bit different, trying to copy a look I had seen on Facebook by Cute & Glossy Braids.  (She does such amazing hairstyles on her beautiful daughters!)

First I made the small lace braid, then I put my hair in a bun, but kept out a small section of hair to use as an accent.  I wrapped it around my bun, right behind my headband braid, then arranged the end of my smooth accent section by pinning it in different places with bobby pins.  The result reminded me of a fountain :-)





  1. so beautyfull and elegant :) and i love the earrings to

  2. So incredibly beautiful once again Andrea. I hope you had a safe trip back home. It's great to see your back posting on your blog. I hope you can do more videos soon. Any chance of a post or pics of your hair out in it's full length and glory or in a long braid please?

    Hope your well 😉