Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Faux Basket Weave Updo

Hi friends,

     My look for today was simple to create but looks complicated.  I made three 4-strand push-up braids, then put the rest of my loose hair into a low bun.  I arranged my three push-up braids across the top part of my hair, and noticed that they had a basket weave look (that was much easier than an actual basket weave effect!)  I love push-up braids, they are the perfect accent braid to any hairstyle.




  1. I love how shiney your hair is, I'm in love with your smile, I'd love to meet you someday

  2. Beautifull , shiny and amazing hair you have dear friend
    Have a nice day xxxx

  3. Thank you all, how very kind and sweet <3