Friday, September 8, 2017

I love my new Rapunzel dress! Pictures at Tokyo Disneyland

Hello friends,

     Tokyo Disneyland is so exciting during Halloween time!  Guests are allowed to come into the park dressed as any Disney character.  Some of the costumes are absolutely incredible, Japanese people are very creative.

     How fun to wear my new Rapunzel dress!  I got it at the Bibbiti-Bobbiti-Boutique here in Tokyo Disney, it's the girls' size Large and fits like a dream.  My favorite part of my day at Disneyland was getting to meet other Rapunzels~ I even met a few Flynns and an entire group of magic lanterns.

Arriving in Tokyo Disneyland

How fun to meet new friends~

And other friends who were very familiar!

I love seeing all the costumes!

Off to Neverland!

My sister and I met some very fresh pumpkins~

No hair stealing!

These friends were dressed up as characters from the Haunted Mansion~

Paparazzi, Disney-style

Rapunzel, Flynn, and their lanterns!

I met them again at night, and Rapunzel's hair and the lanterns actually glow!

Nothing like a Rapunzel umbrella to keep you shady in the sunshine~

The Country Bears came out to say hello!

Checking out the jailhouse in Frontier Land~ thankfully nobody I know is here.

A stop in Adventureland for a braid closeup~

Why, hello Captain Jack!

Another Rapunzel, off on her own adventure~

The castle is so pretty in the afternoon sun~


Escaping from my tower~

Thank you for coming with me on my adventure today!


  1. So much beautiful pictures, glad to see you had a exceting stay in Tokio
    And you are the most beautiful rapunzel on earth
    Happy weekend wonderfull friend