Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Featured in Redhead Days' April 2016 newsletter

Hi friends,

How exciting to be featured in this month's Redhead Days' newsletter!  I'll include the text below <3

Visitor in the Spotlight:

"My name is Andrea and I have floor-length strawberry-blonde hair. I live in Micronesia, a country made up of tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean. Years ago I read on the internet about the Redhead Days in Breda, and dreamed of one day going to the festival in person. In 2015 my dream came true, and I attended the 10th Anniversary of the Redhead Days. I traveled over 22,000 miles round-trip, across Asia and Europe, to reach the Netherlands from my home in Micronesia. How exciting to meet other redheads from around the world who had traveled to Breda for the same reason I did: to make friends and celebrate the gift from God that makes us alike and yet unique at the same time – our hair color."

Thank you, Redhead Days!


  1. Amazing pictures from Redheads day and so great your story is in the newsletter
    I hope to see you once there in Breda dear friend :) <3

  2. That's great, Andrea! It seems like yesterday that you visited our country. Great to see these pictures. And, who is the giant you're standing next to? :-D