Thursday, April 28, 2016

Waterfall braid~ my look for today

Hi everybody,

     Thank you for following me here and on Facebook.  Today my Facebook page reached 1500 page-likes!  How exciting <3  I love sharing hair posts and pictures with friends around the world.
     Today I fixed my hair in a simple waterfall braid and braided bun, a great updo for any day of the week and any occasion.


  1. what a beautifull braided bun dear friend , and its so amazing your Facebook page have now more then 1500 likes
    If your hair should grow so fast , you must trim it evey week ;) lol

  2. God has created someone abundantly beautiful, you're eyes are so lovely, your voice sounds so sweetly, your hair travels down your back to the floor, so soft and smooth, I adore. Your outfits are pretty, your dresses are magnificent, even the clips in your hair are so colorful, God sure took his time when he created you. Have a lovely day Andrea

    1. How sweet, thank you Patrick for your kind comments. God bless :)