Friday, April 22, 2016

French Twist High Bun

Hello friends,

I love my new mirror, it is perfect for making French braids (and French twist) hairstyles ;)  Actually it is an excellent way to see the back of my head when I am fixing my hair~ I just set it on my dresser in front of the mirror on my wall and I can see the front of my head and the back at the same time.

Today I fixed my hair in twist sections brought together into a high bun.  Mostly my hair is held in place with bobby pins.  The two flower clips are mostly accents.

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  1. I love high buns , and sure with such long hair like yours
    Oooh and that new mirror is anwsome , showing a beautiful princess if you look in it 😉

  2. Soo beautiful! I need a mirror like that too!