Saturday, June 8, 2013

New antler and dymond wood hair forks!

Hello again everybody,

Two posts in one day!  But I could not wait to share these pictures with you of a special surprise that my sister and I got in the mail this week from our dear friend at Grah-Toe Studio~ a beautifully hand-crafted set of antler hair forks for my sister, and a gorgeous dymond wood 2-prong hair fork for me! I highly recommend that you visit Grah-Toe Studio's Etsy store if you are looking for a perfect set of hair sticks or a hair fork. My hair hasn't moved all day, and it feels totally light~ not heavy at all!

2-Prong Jugendstil in Dymond Wood

Antler Hair Forks topped with Cherry Wood


Thank you so much, Grah-Toe Studio!

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  1. you both have such gorgeous hair, we are so blessed to see our hair art in your hair and that it holds well and you love them!! woohooo!! ♥