Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy Lace Rope Braided Updo

Hello everybody,

Happy New Year in advance!  Only a few days left in 2012...

I was in a rush this morning and wanted to fix my hair in a pretty yet easy style.  So I did two rope lace braids and braided them together in an English braid, then put that into a braided bun.  Here are some pictures of my finished look:

I first learned how to do this lace braid from a braid book that someone sent me years ago. It had black-and-white pictures of a girl doing different French braids and buns, and other simple hairstyles. When I make these lace rope braids, I take a small section of hair from one side above my eye, and divide it into two equal sections.  Then I take the outer-most section and bring it up and over the inner-most section. The inner-most section is now on the outside, so I add a little hair to that and bring it up and over, etc....

The trick is to keep the first lace braid from unraveling while I'm making the second braid. To do this, I keep braiding the rope braid even after I've stopped adding more hair, until it's long enough for me to hold the end of the braid in my...mouth, actually!

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  1. That's a spectacular hairdo--I have never been adept at styling, no matter how much I've tried. I let my little sisters be creative with my hair. This is lovely though! Stunning!

    1. Thank you :) A good hairstyle to fall back on...