Friday, February 5, 2016

Poofy French braid and herringbone bun~ my look for today

Hi everyone,

     I hope you have a lovely day today.  The weather here in the islands has been beautiful this week, very bright and sunny but with a strong steady breeze.  This morning I fixed my hair in a French braid slightly to one side, and pulled on the sections when I was done to make my braid poofy.  I braided the length of my hair in a herringbone (or fishtail) braid and wrapped my braid into a low bun.  I held my bun in place with bobby pins, then added a large clip on one side.
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  1. Looks very beautiful and the contrast with the blue sky there is perfect 👍❤

  2. Hello from West Virginia! Hi Andrea, I love this hairstyle:-) I tried the hair mask and loved it! It did what you said it would do! Really moisturized my hair which is what I need in the winter. I forgot to ask if you applied it to wet, damp, or dry hair. I chose damp hoping to "lock in" moisture. Thanks for sharing!:)