Monday, September 29, 2014

Arizona Updo

Hi everybody,

I got to visit some friends in Arizona recently.  It was my first time to visit their state, and the scenery was so beautiful!  I was able to get some hair pictures taken in front of an actual Arizona cactus while I was there :-)  This is two lace rope braids with a big bun.  I love my small clips!  They always work great to keep my hair in place all day long.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Imperial Bun

Hello everybody,

Thank you so much for following my blog!  I always enjoy getting to share these hair pictures with my friends.  Today my hair was still a little wet from when I washed it last night.  (I don't use a hair dryer on my long hair, just on my bangs. I usually wash my hair with the Condition-Wash-Condition method twice a week.  I'll wash it at night before I go to bed and let it air dry all night long.  I use Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, and Johnson & Johnson's No More Tears detangling spray as needed when I'm combing my hair out with my big comb.)
     To make this hairstyle, I first made two small lace braids, then swooped my hair up like I was about to make a high ponytail.  But instead of using an elastic, I held my hair in place with a small octopus clip and twisted the length of my "ponytail" into a rope braid which I then wrapped into a high bun.  There is no sock involved, this bun is totally made up of my hair alone.  I like the way the little braids peek through here and there.  I held my bun in place with bobby pins and these three little hair clips.  Then I added my emerald headband as a finishing touch.  One of my favorite hairstyles so far!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coiled Rope Braid

Hello friends,

It's great to be back home in the islands.  I have a few hairstyles in store from my trip, and will post them in a few days.  But for now, here are some pictures of my look for today.  I started out with a headband rope braid, and kept coiling it around into this braided updo.  My little hairclips hold everything in place perfectly!
     As always, thank you so much for following my blog!  I appreciate all your kind comments and pageviews.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Meeting the Tremaines~ 5-strand French Braid

Hello everybody,

I got to meet Lady Tremaine and her two daughters when I was at Disney World!  Anastasia (in pink) saw me standing in line, and called out something about my hair and how Rapunzel was in line to meet them.  When my turn came, they grabbed my braid and went on and on about how long it was.  Drizella counted to see how many strands I had used, and then she and her sister started gathering flowers and twigs to decorate my braid like Rapunzel's.  Lady Tremaine was upset to hear that Rapunzel had invited me to her castle especially to meet her and take hair pictures together.  She and her daughters never get invited anywhere!  For our picture together, Lady Tremaine put my braid across her shoulders like a stole, and Anastasia held my umbrella that matched her dress.
     After saying good-bye I couldn't stop smiling, and walked around Disney World for several hours with the flowers still in my hair.  Such a fun visit!

Drizella stuck a twig in my hair


In front of Cinderella's castle with my Red Queen cupcake and my umbrella, after visiting the Tremaine's