Friday, July 31, 2015

Hidden French braid

Hi everyone,

Today my hair was not so instead I'm sharing pictures from a few days ago that I haven't posted yet :-)  I saw this look for the first time on Pinterest, and this my second time to try it out.  I made a mohawk French braid, then used the hair from either side to make another French braid on top of the first one.  My mohawk braid looks like it's peaking out from underneath~
     Thank you for coming to see my new post!  Lately I've discovered argan oil and have even used coconut oil for the first time.  All I can think is why did I never try these before?!  My hope is that the argan oil, especially at the ends of my hair, will keep it strong and thick and even across the bottom.  Of course, all of this is probably because of the Redhead Days that are now just over a month away!  Very exciting to look forward to...and now for pictures :-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I *heart* ponytails

Hi everyone,

Today I tried a new variation of my ponytail hairstyle from last week~ this time I kept the length of my ponytail a little longer than waist length.  Then I made a pull-through heart braid like I saw on Facebook, and made 4 hearts.  The rest of my ponytail is a normal pull-through braid, and I kept the tassel very tiny.
     I love this hairstyle!  And my hair doesn't feel heavy at all when I make a ponytail in this "I Dream of Jeannie" style.  I'm idea for a future hairstyle video? :-)

Monday, July 27, 2015

4-strand braid, with a slightly different technique

Happy Monday :-)

Today I made a slanted 4-strand braid, but one of the strands was tiny while the other three strands were larger and all equal.  When I finished making my braid, I put my hair into a side bun.  Then I went back and tugged on the outer edge of my braid.  This gave it an interesting look, almost like a scalloped edge.
     Thank you, everyone!  I love sharing hair pictures here with all my friends around the world.


(And some hair humor :-) 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Double French Braids~ my look for today

Hi everyone,

Today I fixed my hair in a favorite hairstyle from my "hairstyle vault" :-)  So easy, just make a slanted part and two French braids and you're done!  I left my bun loose so that you could still see some of my hair from the front.
     Have a wonderful new week!  Thank you for following my blog.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mermaid-style accent braid

Hi friends,

I hope you have a wonderful week-end!  Today I made a very small braid lace braid, but added hair every few strands instead of every time~ what I saw on Pinterest is called "mermaid" braid.  I put my hair in a side bun, and pinned the end of my braid in place like a bow.  A fun little "extra" :-)
     (You can probably tell that I love my new shirt!)