Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hair pictures overlooking the amazing Singapore skyline

Hello friends,

     How special to meet a dear friend from Singapore during our time here, we spent the afternoon looking out across the city and bay skyline.  My friend is a photographer and took the most amazing photos for me, of my hair against the amazing Singapore background.  My sister took some pictures for me, too~ how special and wonderful to have family and friends so supportive of my hair side :-)

From my friend Z. Lan in Singapore~

with my sister and brother

Laughing at myself because I get embarrassed and don't know how to pose properly!


From my sister~

Later that same evening...

Marina Bay Sands is incredible!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hello from amazing Singapore~ hair pictures included

Hello friends,

     How amazing to visit Singapore for the first time.  I loved seeing the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest in person, after following on social media.  The dahlia display was lovely, and the indoor waterfall was quite impressive.  My hairstyle wasn't much, just two French braids with a side bun, but several people I met during the day complimented me on my hair.  So kind <3


Hair inspiration at 36,000 feet, on the flight to Singapore

Morning coffee on the streets of Singapore

Inside the Flower Dome

Year of the Dog

Waterfall inside the Cloud Forest

Walking round and round, up to the top

Long way down!

Marina Bay Sands in the background

Inside the 'cave'

Photo bomb by a random fellow tourist, too funny!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Lacy Flower Bun

Hello everyone,

     Yesterday I finally wore my favorite new top, a t-shirt with a lace panel on the bottom.  I love this style!  To match my outfit I put my hair into a rather fancy, lacy flower bun.  My braid started out as a simple French braid for a few stitches, then switched to a regular 3-strand braid when I stopped addin in extra hair.  I wrapped this braid around and around my bun, enhancing the flower look.  I love how you can actually see the petals.  Thank you so much for visiting!