Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Double Bun Updo

Hey everybody,

I may seem to do this look a lot~ but it's one of my favorites!  I love double buns because they are kind of cute, and they also frame your face from the front which is a bonus when you have long hair.  It's too easy to have an elaborate view from behind, while the front looks bare and scraped back!

Anyway, my simple double bun look:

Friday, April 26, 2013

Later that day...my Long Bob became a High Bun

Here are more pictures taken a few hours after my "lob" shown in this earlier post.  We are on vacation and got to spend a few days riding roller coasters~ my long bob didn't last long, so I had to switch to this high braided bun.  I just left my hair in the high ponytail but braided it into two long English braids.  Then I wrapped them into this high braided bun (if the pictures look a little grainy, it's because they were taken with my cell phone camera :-)  Actually, this turned out to be a great roller-coaster hairdo!  I have more to post later of my sister's look~ so be sure to check back or subscribe via email.  Thanks!

Smooth Long Bob "Lob" Updo

Hello everyone,

Another week almost gone~ another week, and so many hairstyles!  Here are pictures of a smooth "lob" updo similar to the one I did in this post but with braid waves.

Thanks so much for all the views and comments!  We'll soon be at 35,000 pageviews :-)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mohawk French Braid with Swirly Braided Bun

A fast-yet-fancy hair-do!

Hello everybody :-)

Here are some pictures from this past Sunday when I did a center French mohawk braid and side accent braids. I put all my hair into a middle ponytail and had that hair divided into three braids. I wrapped the braids, one around the other, into a swirly braided bun and was ready to go!  These pictures were taken in the afternoon, but even though the sun was almost too bright for picture-taking you can see that this look lasts all day.

Thanks for looking! A funny pic I found on Google~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Extra braid wave pictures added

Hello again,

I noticed that a few of my braid wave pictures from this previous post had been deleted for some reason and weren't showing up~ so I added them back in :-)

Easy Lace Braid Updo


Thanks for all your views~ I imagine we'll soon reach 35,000!

Here are some pictures of my look for today~ an easy lace braid updo.  I made lace braids on each side of my face, then braided the two braids and my remaining loose hair from the center section into one long English braid.  I wrapped this braid around into a braided bun, and held it in place with my two favorite butterfly clips.  Thanks so much for coming by to view my pictures~ again :-)

And one more picture of the view in the background~ such a pretty spot!