Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Length pictures on the stairs~ officially at floor-length now

Hi friends,

     My hair cooperated with me so well this morning, I got to take length pictures on the staircase as a unique way to show how I have once again reached floor-length.  I would like to grow a few inches past floor, and made a video talking about some of the things I'm doing now to help my hair be healthy from the inside-out.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following my posts on Facebook and Instagram.  I love sharing with you all <3

     By the way, in case you wonder~ my shirt says "Blessed."


  1. Totally wonderfull your long healty hair
    I feel blessed that whe are friends lady Andrea

  2. Andrea, your hair styles continue to just be amazing! I really liked your youtube video on your long hair background. I like to hear stories on how people decide to grow their hair long. I wish you well on your journey to a little beyond floor length. Your updo's are just phenomenal. Within a couple of years, I will be a long hair stylist. Your hair designs are such an inspiration to others for updo styles with long hair. Scottster

  3. Andrea, thank you for posting the Youtube video about your long hair background. Your blog is absolutely the best on the Internet on long hair styles and care. You are the master when it comes to long hair updos! thanks, Scott

  4. I am glad you are wanting to grow your beautiful hair a few inches past floor length. I hope if the ends are still in good shape when you attain your new goal that you continue to grow your hair even longer.