Sunday, April 30, 2017

Flower Updo

Hello friends,

     The purple crepe myrtle flowers in our yard are so beautiful, I got ready early and took hair pictures outside in the early morning sunlight.  Such lovely flowers make the perfect background for this flower updo.  I created this hairstyle by making several small rope braids and winding them up into rose buns.  I added a rosebud spiral pin in the center of each "hair" flower, then added extra flower clips as accents.  Thank you for coming to see my post!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Crown Braid

Hi friends,

     Yesterday I read a beautiful quote on Lilith Moon's Facebook page, "Your hair is a crown you never take off!"  What a lovely thought.  It inspired my hairstyle today.

     I made a lace braid that wrapped halfway around my head and ended in a side braided bun.  I pulled on the edges of my braid to make it stand up like a crown.  Here are pictures taken in the afternoon sun, on a very colorful day <3


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Faux 7-Strand French Braid

Hello friends,

     Yesterday it poured rain, but thankfully that didn't keep me from taking hair pictures.  I set my camera in front of the window, sat in my colorful hammock-chair and twirled around to show each angle of my braid.  To make this braid, I first made a 3-strand accent braid, then I braided the rest of my hair in a 4-strand French braid.  I pinned the 3-strand braid along one side of my French braid, to make my braid look thicker and more complicated.  I draped the length of my braid over one shoulder, folded it up, and clipped it in place with hair clips.  Thank you for coming by my blog to see!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wavy Updo

Hi friends,

     Today I fixed my hair in a wavy updo, by making two buns held in place with many hairclips.  I did start out by making a small poofy section at the front, to give my hair some volume and avoid the "scraped back" look.

     I have exciting news, my "Hello from Andrea" letter that I wrote to share with friends is now posted here on my blog in German!  Thank you to all my friends from Germany and other German-speaking countries, who follow my hairstyle posts.  I'm so glad our paths have crossed <3

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hair Bow

Hi everyone,

     I finally found a video that helped me learn how to make an actual hair bow~ what a cute idea!  I kept this hair bow as the main point of focus, and draped the length of my hair loosely over one shoulder.  I can't wait to add a random hair bow to other hairstyles in the future, how very feminine and fun :-)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Springtime Waterfall Updo

Hello friends,

     How wonderful to be back in my island home, for many reasons~ one of the top reasons being that now I can post more regularly on my blog!  Today I fixed my hair in a side updo style, using two criss-crossed waterfall braids.  This hairstyle has a fun, springtime feel that just matches my dress.
     Thank you so much for coming to see my new post!  Please check back soon to see new braids and hairstyles.  I hope to reach one million views by my birthday in June.  Feel free to browse through my past posts and share your favorites with friends.  You can help direct new viewers my way <3