Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flower Updo~ Easter 2013

Flower Updo

Happy Easter!

I hope you have a beautiful and happy Easter Sunday.  Our day here in the islands was gorgeous~ the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining.

Everyone in church brings flower leis for the cross on Easter Sunday~ here is how our cross looked this year:

So beautiful!  The lei I made is hanging in the center~ maybe after seeing these pictures you can spot it among all the rest:

The flowers I picked in our yard to make my lei (and my morning coffee lol)

My lei

And now back to hair pictures :-)

In front of the cross:

And in the morning sun:

Thank you so much for stopping by to view my Easter pictures!  I will post more later of my sister's look for today~ she did a very pretty braided Chinese knot bun with chop sticks.

In case you are wondering about the meaning of Easter, here are two links you can visit when you have time.  Click here to read "What If There Had Been No Easter?" and click here to read about our "Resurrection Hope."

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Double Cinnamon Buns w/ a Diagonal Part

Hey everybody,

Here is a fun look from a few days ago~ you've probably already noticed from my previous posts that I love double bun hairstyles!

Thank you for all the pageviews and comments~ here is an island flower especially for you:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Micronesian Girl~ Cornrow Braids

Another pretty Micronesian Girl hairstyle to share with you today~ I love the detail in these cornrow braids. If you look closely you can see that most of the cornrows actually have two braids per row.  Very fancy!  (These pictures were taken in the evening after a day of playing, that's why the braids are a little wispy.)

Thanks for looking!  Have a beautiful day :-)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Loose Fishtail Bun

Happy Palm Sunday!

Last night after I washed my hair I gave it a final rinse with apple cider vinegar (a few spoonfuls to several cups of water).  This morning my hair was so soft, I almost couldn't do anything with it.  I wanted to make a zig-zag fishtail braid, but I ended up turning it into this loose fishail braided bun.  You can see it took two hairclips to make my bun stay in place!  ACV rinses (used sparingly!) are the best way to get baby-soft hair :-)

Thanks so much for looking!  Happy Easter <3

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wavy Updo

Hello all, 

Yesterday I made two chain braids (or snake braids) to use as accents~ you can see pictures here.  I love the crimps that chain braids make~ much more defined than regular braid waves.

I kept these crimpy sections separated from the rest of my hair.  Then I sectioned off parts of my hair and made twists, like Lilith Moon does in this video:

When I finished making the twisted sections, I put my hair into a low ponytail.  I braided that hair into a rope braid, then wrapped that braid into a rose bun and clipped it in place with my butterfly clips.  Finally, I took the crimpy sections of hair and arranged them between the twisted section.  I wrapped the ends around the base of my rose bun and bobby pinned them in place.  It sounds complicated when I try to describe it, but actually it was relatively easy.

And now for pictures :-)



A lot of pictures, I know~ thanks for taking the time to look!