Monday, March 25, 2013

Micronesian Girl~ Cornrow Braids

Another pretty Micronesian Girl hairstyle to share with you today~ I love the detail in these cornrow braids. If you look closely you can see that most of the cornrows actually have two braids per row.  Very fancy!  (These pictures were taken in the evening after a day of playing, that's why the braids are a little wispy.)

Thanks for looking!  Have a beautiful day :-)


  1. This look so neat! And that after a day of playing? They hold very well and not look fuzzy at all. I love the picture of the Micronesian girls. They (or their moms) are so talented and creative. It actually a pairs of tiny lace braids, it so cool.

    1. Yes, aren't these braids the cutest? Micronesian girls are expert braiders <3