Thursday, August 31, 2017

Turn long hair into short hair (but just for one day!)

Hi friends,

     You don't have to be Wonder Woman to turn long hair into short hair, then back into long hair~ I did it today with the help of a few hair clips.  I went to the beach this morning and washed my hair when I came back home this afternoon.  I put my hair up into a faux-short hairstyle, using my favorite hair clips.  I like the alternative to a bun or braid, and it requires absolutely no cutting!


Riding in the boat to a picnic island~ the island I'm looking at in this photo is the island I live on!

Arriving at the picnic island (a picnic island is a small island that no one lives on, you go there to have a picnic :-)

Micronesia's mode of transportation between islands :-)

The water is perfect for swimming <3

It IS possible to go swimming without getting your hair wet

The perfect picnic snack, Spam musubi
Saying goodbye for now to the picnic island

Blue and Blue <3 <3

Thank you for viewing my post!  I hope you enjoyed our day at the beach together.


  1. Such beautiful pictures dear friend , that short hair updo looks amazing with you
    And you are a wonderfull woman xxx