Saturday, August 26, 2017

Inside Edition runs a headline story on my hair!

Hi everyone,

     How exciting to see my hair featured in such a lovely, fun video and article by Inside Edition!  A news editor with the website contacted me about sharing my story, and within hours the video and article were published for the world to see.  How fun if others are also inspired to grab a jar of peanut butter and start growing :-) <3

Read the full article on Inside Edition's website: Is This Woman With Ankle-Length Blond Hair the Real-Life Rapunzel?

Watch Inside Edition's video report on YouTube: Real-Life Rapunzel Reveals Secret to Her 64-Inch Long Hair


  1. My hair is natural curly. Any suggestions for the curly girls hair? Mine is very dry and frizzy. Tried your condition wash condition hoping that helps. My hair falls out a lot too so praying this no conditioner on scalp will help. You ever do a video on your makeup and what you use? Your smoky eyes are lovely!
    God bless you and the work your doing!

    1. The mayo/honey/milk mask that I like to use is considered to be for girls with curly hair. I talk about it on my recent updated hair care post. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my makeup, especially my eyes~ I've watched so many YouTube videos trying to get a look I like! My favorite is from Lisa Eldridge, her Japanese Kawaii tutorial. I love that look especially the eyes, and combine it with a nude lip. Thanks so much for following!

  2. So happy for you my famous beautiful friend

  3. Andrea, wow, you have become a celebrity!! That is so awesome! I possibly see in the future that you will be invited back to the states to be on one of the talk shows. You are truly an inspiration to other people that might want to grow their hair or grow it to lengths are are rare these days with your hair styles and long hair care techniques. Your updos not only are beautiful but can be a part of how people can maintain and grow their hair longer, and one of the key tenets of getting to and maintaining long hair is to keep their hair up when I consult with clients after I open my long hair salon. Congratulations again. Scott

  4. Andrea, Congratulations!! This is so cool that you are being featured on these web sites and video!! You are a great inspiration for those that want to maintain and grow their hair longer, with your beautiful styles and care techniques. Your updos can be a beautiful way of maintaining length. In my opinion, one of the tenets of maintaining really long hair is to keep it up and out of the elements and which will be a key technique in my long hair salon. Thank you for being an inspiration for someone to grow their hair! Scott