Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hydrangea Hairstyle at Himeji Castle

Konnichiwa everyone!

     My dear friend from Japan took my sister and me to visit Himeji Castle, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved Japanese castles.  How amazing to see this part of history with my own eyes.  To make the occasion even more special, I wore my favorite blue hydrangea flowers in my hair, to match the flowers blooming outside the castle.  Thank you for coming with me on my adventure!



The walls had windows and openings in a variety of shapes, for arrows in case of intruders

One of the castle lords was a Christian, and place a cross among the tiles along the roof

We took off our shoes and walked through the castle, one floor at a time.  Some rooms were lit with lanterns.

I love the heart designs in the nail cover plates!

Walking where the samurai walked...

Looking out of the top floor of Himeji Castle

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dutch Braids in Nara, Japan

Hello dear friends,

     This week I am in Japan for a meeting, but also have time to visit new places and see amazing sights.  I have wanted to visit Nara ever since hearing about the "sacred deer" that roam freely through the area, and on Saturday my wish came true!  I wish you could have come along, but here are pictures from my time in Nara.  I'm so excited to share them with you here on my blog.  Thank you for visiting!

     In case you are wondering, my hairstyle is 3 Dutch braids with a blossom effect, and hair clips to hold my hair in place.


My personal favorite picture of a most amazing experience <3

Uh-oh, word got out there was more food left!


The lanterns have deer on them <3


Part of the crowd

Bambi lives!

More deer, this time with little children feeding sweet to watch <3

"Mr. Deer, oh Mr. Deer!"


Love the spelling :-)

A family outing <3

This deer was bowing to the people who would come up to read the sign!