Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sleeping with wet hair~ how I dry my hair without heat

Hi friends,

     It's Saturday night again and I just finished washing my hair.  I thought it might be fun to write a quick post on how I deal with wet hair, and let it air-dry.

     It's always helpful if I can wash my hair at least an hour or two before going to bed, so my hair is not quite as damp when my head hits the pillow.  On nights when my hair is wet, I try to make sure I sleep on my side, or at least with my head turned to one side.  My goal is to make sure I'm not sleeping on top of my hair, because it will never dry that way.  I try to spread my hair across the pillow and over the side of the bed, so it gets the best chance at air-drying.  Usually by morning my hair is dry.

     My hair is naturally straight, and since I started using coconut oil it naturally looks straight and full.  This means I don't need to use a flat-iron to make my hair look its best before wearing it down, which is wonderful since I'm always afraid that a flat-iron may damage my hair.  I confess that I do blow-dry my bangs every morning, after washing them with a little shampoo.  My bangs are the only part of my hair that get

     After washing my hair, I like to keep it wrapped in a towel for about 20 minutes or so, sometimes longer.  This helps soak up the excess water and makes it easier to comb out.  I only ever use a wide-tooth comb on my hair.  I have a favorite plastic wide-tooth comb that I have used for 10 years or more, it is the most perfect comb EVER and cost me $1.  I've tried other combs but always go back to this one after the first or second day.  I guard it with my life! hahahaha

     Thank you for following my blog!  If you have any questions or comments just put them below.  I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

     (This anime picture by PargaFarn seems a perfect illustration for this subject :-)


  1. Very nice to know this xxx shared with my long hair support group in Facebook

  2. Good day Andrea. The pic you choose is the character from my story of this author. Her name is Chandra and you can fin more art of her on the page.

  3. Good day Andrea the character from the artwork you choose is a character from an original character of mine and can be found here this artwork was a commission piece.

    1. Wow how neat! Thank you so much, I will definitely check out this website <3

    2. Its a pleasure that you like her. If you have questions about her feel free to contact me.

    3. I put the link to your site in the description :)

    4. I really approchiate you linked my site. :) if you like to learn more about Chandra you can reach me throught and ask questions or what every xou desire to know.

  4. You are a very inspiring woman and i am glad you like her. I read a few if you post and what you wrote is very intersting and informative. Many of this are helpfull adivses which help me to take care of Chandras hair within the story.