Saturday, April 30, 2016

Big Curly Bun

Hello friends,

     Thank you for the kind comments on my different posts.  Sometimes it takes me a few days to respond, but please know that I love hearing from you.  Today I wore my favorite color-block top, and what better hairstyle to pair it with than a big curly bun?  The white roses blooming in our yard are beautiful, even on an overcast morning like we had today.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Waterfall braid~ my look for today

Hi everybody,

     Thank you for following me here and on Facebook.  Today my Facebook page reached 1500 page-likes!  How exciting <3  I love sharing hair posts and pictures with friends around the world.
     Today I fixed my hair in a simple waterfall braid and braided bun, a great updo for any day of the week and any occasion.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Featured in Redhead Days' April 2016 newsletter

Hi friends,

How exciting to be featured in this month's Redhead Days' newsletter!  I'll include the text below <3

Visitor in the Spotlight:

"My name is Andrea and I have floor-length strawberry-blonde hair. I live in Micronesia, a country made up of tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean. Years ago I read on the internet about the Redhead Days in Breda, and dreamed of one day going to the festival in person. In 2015 my dream came true, and I attended the 10th Anniversary of the Redhead Days. I traveled over 22,000 miles round-trip, across Asia and Europe, to reach the Netherlands from my home in Micronesia. How exciting to meet other redheads from around the world who had traveled to Breda for the same reason I did: to make friends and celebrate the gift from God that makes us alike and yet unique at the same time – our hair color."

Thank you, Redhead Days!

Dutch Mohawk

Hi everybody,

Blue and yellow are always a nice combination.  Today I fixed my hair in a simple Dutch Mohawk braid with a low bun.  I love Mohawk braids of any kind <3

Sunday, April 24, 2016

When your hair is still wet~ a high bun

Hi friends,

Yesterday morning my hair was still a little damp from washing it the night before, but I managed to put it up in a high bun.  Lately I've been putting lavender-scented coconut oil on my hair before washing it, and I love it!  It makes my hair feel extra-soft and smell wonderful.  I got it at a store on Guam, locally made.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Victorian Updo

Hello everyone,

     My hairstyle today reminded me of a Victorian-era updo.  I made two blossom Dutch braids and a big braided bun.  I pinned my hair in place with bobby pins and added my new bow for an accent (I love bows!)



Friday, April 22, 2016

French Twist High Bun

Hello friends,

I love my new mirror, it is perfect for making French braids (and French twist) hairstyles ;)  Actually it is an excellent way to see the back of my head when I am fixing my hair~ I just set it on my dresser in front of the mirror on my wall and I can see the front of my head and the back at the same time.

Today I fixed my hair in twist sections brought together into a high bun.  Mostly my hair is held in place with bobby pins.  The two flower clips are mostly accents.

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