Thursday, December 31, 2015

French Butterfly Updo~ my last hairstyle for 2015

Hello my friends,

     Just a few hours left to post my pictures from today and my last hairstyle for this year.  This morning I shared pictures of my French braid in Paris on my Facebook page, and was inspired to do the same type of hair'do today.  How fun to find my butterfly clip that happened to match my butterfly top :-)
     I hope you have a wonderful year, and I am looking forward to finding out what 2016 has in store.


My Top 10 Favorite Hairstyles of 2015

2015 is almost ready to come to an end, so I went through my hairstyle posts for this year and tried to choose my top 10 favorites.  Some tough decisions had to be made, but here they are~ my top 10 favorite hairstyles of 2015.  I hyper-linked the titles in case you want to click and view the original posts with all the pictures.  Thank you my friends, and I hope you have a happy and a beautiful new year <3

10) Butterfly Braid - August

9) Accented Mohawk Hairstyle - November

8) Poofy French Braid Mohawk - October

7) French Braid/Rope Braid Combo - August

6) Loose Braided Bun - June

5) Ginger Rogers' Half-Updo with a Braided Twist - October

4) Braided Ponytail - December

3) Mermaid Braid - December

2) Blossom Braids - November

1) 3-D Pull-Through Braid - June

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Headband braid and curly bun~ my look for today

Hello friends, Happy New Year!

I thought my bun today resembled either a pom-pom or a firework, both of which seem fitting for New Year's Eve-eve :-)  I hope you have a fun time celebrating with family and friends.  Thank you for being my friend and following my hair posts!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dutch braid in the evening light

Hello friends,

     We managed to take hair pictures in the evening light before the sun completely set~ a blossom-Dutch braid with a braided bun was my look for today.  I love the way a Dutch braid looks so full and lacey when you slightly tug on the sides to give it the blossom effect.  You can see how I do this in my last YouTube video.
     And speaking of YouTube, I saw the best cartoon ever tonight and found the link so I could share it with you.  You may have seen it already, the Pixar short film "Lava."  It is so sweet, and the scenery looks just like our islands <3


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Braids & Bows Updo

Hello friends,

I hope you had a beautiful week-end!  This morning I fixed my hair in two lace braids and a French braid, one layered after the other, and finished my look off with a braided bun and my favorite royal blue hair bows.  Thank you for stopping by to see my new pictures!  And thank you for helping my Braids & Hairstyles Facebook page reach 400 page-likes, how exciting :-)