Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Hairstyles of 2015

2015 is almost ready to come to an end, so I went through my hairstyle posts for this year and tried to choose my top 10 favorites.  Some tough decisions had to be made, but here they are~ my top 10 favorite hairstyles of 2015.  I hyper-linked the titles in case you want to click and view the original posts with all the pictures.  Thank you my friends, and I hope you have a happy and a beautiful new year <3

10) Butterfly Braid - August

9) Accented Mohawk Hairstyle - November

8) Poofy French Braid Mohawk - October

7) French Braid/Rope Braid Combo - August

6) Loose Braided Bun - June

5) Ginger Rogers' Half-Updo with a Braided Twist - October

4) Braided Ponytail - December

3) Mermaid Braid - December

2) Blossom Braids - November

1) 3-D Pull-Through Braid - June


  1. I enjoyed every inches of your precious red rainbow hair in fairy land of silkience.

  2. 10 amazing stylles , difficult to say what stylle is the most beautyfull ...i like the mermaid braid the most ❤

    1. Thank you! I like that one, too :)

    2. Yes because you have so much hair and with the mermaid braid your hair look so thick ☺
      I also like the ginger rogers updo amazing how you done that ☺<3